Prevail Technology (S) Pte Ltd is committed to offering our clients complete and custom-made solutions for your workplace safety and security demands with the use of advanced technologies such as cloud computing and data analytics. Our responsibility is to prevent loss of innocent lives at workplaces and to ensure that workers work in a safe environment at all times.

Prevail, working with our Chinese partner Chongqing Haoguang Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, has developed a set of SMART remote monitoring systems that can be adapted to suit different workplaces. Such a system can be used to help MONITOR, TRACK, DETECT and PREVENT workplace safety standards violations or accidents.

Our partner in China is accredited by the Chinese authorities to detect and report violations of safety standards at worksites.


Our Commitment


Singapore has set a target of fewer than one workplace fatality per 10,000 workers before 2028 –the “Vision Zero mindset”. While the number of work-related deaths fell from 66 to 42 in Singapore in 2017, bringing the fatality rate to 1.2 per 100,000 employees -the lowest since 2004 -it is still higher than the standard reached by countries like Netherlands, UK, Sweden and Finland. These countries have workplace fatality rates of below one death per 100,000 workers.

Our company believes that all injuries and fatalities at worksites can be detected and prevented with the use SMART systems, especially in the current age of advanced technologies and surveillance capabilities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent work site accidents and save lives!


Our Customers

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To Safeguard Lives Using Technology